Support Planning & Brokerage

This will be delivered by :

Getting to know the individual

  • Finding out about their hopes and aspirations
  • Enabling them to help develop their own plan
  • Help them think about what the support to implement this plan would look like
  • Action Plan
  • Empower and enable the individual to implement their plan

We Use Seven steps to being in control from In Control (

Step 1: Your money – finding out how much
The first thing to do is to find out if you can get money for your support – and how much.

Step 2: Making your support plan
The second thing is to make a plan about how you’ll use the money to get the life you want. You can do the plan yourself, or you can get help.


Step 3: Getting your plan agreed
A social worker at the council has to approve your plan.

Step 4: Organising your money
When your social worker agrees your plan, you get your personal budget. You can get the money yourself as a direct payment, you can then choose someone to look after the money for you or you can do a bit of both.

Step 5: Organising your support
You can organise your support in a way that suits you. You can get help to find and organise support.

Step 6: Living your life
You can use services but you can also spend your money on people who you know – or even buy things that will help you in your life.

Step 7: Seeing how it worked
You have to show that you have used the money properly.



All work will be calculated on an individual basis depending on the individuals requirements. This will be calculated following a detailed brief to scope the necessary work, from which an estimate will be provided.

As a ‘rule of thumb’ Support Planning & Brokerage services are priced at 12 hours or 2% of the RAS Personal Budget depending on individual requirements.



Support services that enable individuals to direct their own support

Enabling individuals to have a voice to ensure that their needs & wishes are identified, views respected & rights protected

Services which enable individuals to live a ‘life more ordinary’

Facts provided about local community services, etc. that can help the individual seeking support

Facilitation and Enablement
Enabling individuals to lead the life they choose, facilitating their hopes & aspirations in a practical and realistic way

Researching community services, work and training opportunities, travel options, etc.

Sign Posting to Help, Advice & Training
Providing individuals with details of local services and opportunities that can help them through any difficulties, help them develop skills, provide them with advice e.g. the benefits maze, job seeking, etc.

Planning & Developing Support Plans
Enabling individuals to develop a support plan that can achieve their day to day living needs, hopes and aspirations, etc.

Co-ordinating Support & Resources
Setting up systems that can help the individual co-ordinate their support staff or develop support tools that can help them implement their support plans. Support 4 Independent Living can also take on the co-ordinating role

Negotiation & Mediation
Helping the individual negotiate their requirements. Helping individuals by providing mediation opportunities e.g. between the individual and their support staff or work experience opportunities, etc.

Providing training for the individual or their support staff or both. Training may include travel training, managing their Personal Budget, managing their staff, developing new skills, etc.

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