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Supported Independent Living Accommodation & Care

Enabling local young adults with a learning disabilities to live a ‘Life more Ordinary’, independently in their own home, with personalised support.

Support 4 Independent Living is an opportunity that has been developed by a local parent of a young man with Down Syndrome, who aspires to live as independently as possible, within his own home and community.

He has a support plan which has been developed to meet his individual needs and aspirations.


We currently have a vacancy in our supported accommodation home in Hastings East Sussex, so please feel free to contact us if the information we provide on our website is of interest.

To scroll down to see the details of our vacancy Please Click Here.

We are fully committed to the UN Convention of Human Rights, Disability Discrimination and the development of inclusive communities and ensure our support work is guided by Putting People First, Person-Centred Approaches and Personalisation.
Support with money
    • Increase the opportunities for adults with a Learning Disabilities to access the same life opportunities as their non-disabled peers.
    • Increase social and leisure opportunities for adults with a Learning Difficulties to access the same life opportunities as their non-disabled peers.
    • Reduce social isolation felt by adults with a Learning Difficulties
    • Develop a ‘Life more Ordinary’ for adults with a Learning Difficulties
    • Enable adults with a Learning Difficulties to develop their physical, mental and emotional capacities
    • Enable adults with a Learning Difficulties to develop their independence as individuals and active members of their community
    • Promote social inclusion

Message to Parents & Carers:

As parents & carers of learning disabled adults all know, the future holds uncertainty for our young people.

Who will look after our young people, when we are no longer able to? Will their lives and livelihoods always be subjected to changes in Government policy & bureaucratic systems within Local Authorities?

This opportunity has been developed to provide four young people with learning disabilities the opportunity to live as independently as possible, in a ‘house share’, as their own home.

Here they can develop their independent living skills with the appropriate personalised support, based on their individual needs, interests and aspirations.

It can be funded in a number of ways e.g. through ‘Direct Payments’ – please see ‘How can it be paid for’ page for more details.

We recognise not all individuals will be ready to live independently. We can therefore provide a number of options from Respite Care, Trial overnights or weekends, as well as our Independent Living Skills Development Service, where an individual can develop their skills in a variety of way, through daytime activities (Please see Independent Living Skills Development)

Our Supported Living Vacancy in Sussex

We have a vacancy for a Learning Disabled person who wants to live (or learn to live) as independently as possible. Information about our Supported Accommodation can be found by clicking here.

The current housemates are aged between 36 – 48 and have Autism & Down Syndrome.

They have their own activities that they attend daily, although attending their activities have been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but they will be returning to those activities when it is safe to do so.

The housemates have the company of their fellow housemates both in the house & in the community, if they want it. This provides opportunities to socialise & avoid loneliness.

The housemates supporting each other has been extremely beneficial while they have been Shielding & in Lockdowns. 

Current housemates enjoy music, dancing, Pool, Snooker, watching films & TV programs.

During Lockdown where everyone, in the house, has been Shielding, some have been doing regular walks from home to various places including the East & West Hill & the seafront. Hastings is a great place to live & one of the most popular tourist destinations in East Sussex with has many attractions.

We are doing weekend film nights, a weekly kitchen disco & garden gym exercise sessions during the week. We’ve bought a pool and table tennis table to keep ourselves active & happy.

Part of living independently is learning to cook & make choices about the meals housemates like to cook. Housemates clean the house, their rooms & also do their laundry.

Support workers are on hand to help housemate’s learn how to do these things & support them where necessary, while they are being done. Everyone shares the cooking & house cleaning.