Case Studies

A Parents perspective

“It was a hard decision for me to make to let our young man out in the ‘big wide world’ and live away from his family and learn to live independently. However the prospect of having him living at home whilst we grew old was not a gleeful one. We had concerns over what would happen to him when we died.

However we took the plunge and chose this project to help him develop his independence. We all liked the fact that the support was provided to meet his individual needs and time was taken to get to know him, for him to settle in and find his feet. When he first left home we did everything for him.


Now 18 months later he has developed so many independent living skills which we never believed possible! He cooks with support, does his own laundry (with support), has learned (over time) to catch his bus independently to College, plans his activities with his housemates for the weekend and is really reaching his potential, which our parental protectiveness would never have enabled him to develop these new skills. He is so confident and happy and we have an excellent time with him when he comes to visit for weekends or Sunday lunch.”

Mr. & Mrs. B

A young client’s perspective

“When I first came to live in the house I was a bit worried and scared but my carer was very nice and made me feel welcome.

I have learned to do loads of things and I really like cooking – I’ve made Shepherds Pie, Lasagne, roast dinners, Chinese Stir fry……. Me and my housemates go to our daycare, College or work and in the evenings we go to drumming workshops, the cinema, the local pub and play pool, Karaoke, Wii…….

We’re even learning to go to Eastbourne on the bus so we can go shopping, swimming or to shows if we get bored with Hastings. At Christmas we go to London with our carer and have had great fun at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, looking at the Christmas lights and last year we saw A Christmas Carol at the Imax at Waterloo and then caught the train home. We’ve been on holiday to Butlins and next year we plan to go to Turkey on holiday”


Another young client’s perspective

I moved to the house because I was lonely in my other home. I had no company and no-one to talk to and no-one to do things with.

When I moved here I had a tea visit first, to get to know the other housemates and I then had an overnight stay. When I had my tea visit we went to the St. Leonards festival where we listened to different bands, seeing the Swinging Elvis’ and loads of nice food stalls.

I really like cooking and choosing and cooking new and different meals. I liked my room, it was a nice colour. I could bring all my own furniture and put it all where I wanted it.

I liked the support and my support worker helped me settle into my new home and spent lots of time getting to know me.

I really like going out when I want to, having people to go out with and having company living at home. I also like being on my own and can choose to do that whenever I want to.

We have lots of fun and lots of different things to do. I loved going to the Winter Wonderland in London and the Victoria and Albert Museum, it was a very exciting day out.