Supported Independent Living Accommodation & Care

Kitchen, Front room & BedroomEnabling local young adults with a learning difficulties to live a ‘Life more Ordinary’, independently in their own home, with personalised support.

Support 4 Independent Living is an opportunity that has been developed by a local parent of a young man with Downs Syndrome, who aspires to live as independently as possible, within his own home and community.

He has a support plan which has been developed to meet his individual needs and aspirations.

We currently have a vacancy in our supported accommodation home, so please feel free to contact us if the information we provide on our website is of interest.

Message to Parents & Carers:

As parents & carers of disabled adults all know, the future holds uncertainty for our young people. Who will look after our young people, when we are no longer able to? Will their lives and livelihoods always be subjected to changes in Government policy & bureaucratic systems within Local Authorities?

This opportunity has been developed to provide four young people with learning difficulties the opportunity to live as independently as possible, in a ‘house share’, as their own home. Here they can develop their independent living skills with the appropriate support, based on their individual needs, interests and aspirations. It can be funded in a number of ways e.g. through ‘Direct Payments’ – please see ‘How can it be paid for’ page for more details.

Housing & Council Tax benefits & the ‘Independent Living Fund’.

Support 4 Independent Lving